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Services overview:

Services of contracts include

  • Consulting
  • Research
  • Design/Development
  • Photography/Video
  • Creative planning
  • Advertising/Promoting
  • Webmaster services

All contracts are tailored to fit your budget and preferences.






Best Buy Co, Inc.
Consultation: This is the initial “meet and greet” phase. We allocate as much time that is necessary to understand your ideas, goals and overall business objectives.  

Proposal: After gathering all the information needed to fully understand your project, we provide you a detailed proposal with creative and effective ideas.

 Once the proposal is sent out and you have had a chance to look it over, we will schedule a review session as to clarify any aspects and answer any questions you may have. After your approval we officially start our business relationship.
Development: Our highly experienced team of developers start the process of bringing your site to life. 

Beta: We now provide the beta version of your site. The ball is now in your court as we await final feedback prior to going live.  

Go live: Your website is published for the viewing public.

Ongoing Support (Webmaster)
CCC provides all our clients with 90 days of free maintenance and support after the initial launch of your site. We will begin managing and implementing the necessary changes and updates to further foster the growth of your site.
Planning: This is the 1st step before the development process. Our main objective in this initial phase is to create and provide documentation and wireframes of your site’s overall framework and functionality. Once all documentation is received, created and approved, we move forward with the actual structure of your site. We begin the designing process and intricate details regarding site ambiance and the overall look and feel. Our designers are considered to be artists, making sure your site possesses that “WOW” factor it needs in order to surpass your competition.  

Brief description of services:

Our staff has over 18 years experience in web development and design. We can take you from the ground up on the implementation of your website. If you are beginning a new website or redesigning / maintaining your existing site, our consultants make the job simple and as cost efficient as possible. Businesses can double their revenue in a very short time by just adding a website. We make it as simple and cheap as possible for you to add this valuable asset. Use our quote form (Click icon below) or simply contact us by phone and supply us with a brief description of your business. We will contact you with a free estimate. You will be surprised how easy and cheap we can make it for you.